There’s no denying how popular Western furniture is, and as one of the leading suppliers of rustic furniture in Oklahoma City we can testify to the fact that Western/rustic furniture is getting more popular with each passing year.

Perhaps it’s because we’re looking back on our past with rose-tinted glasses, wanting to embrace more of what made this country of ours great, or perhaps it’s because any home tastefully decorated with a mixture of Americana and rustic furniture always just feels more like “home.”

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself where all those design ideas came from? After all, most other elements of Western culture came from a number of different sources. So, does this type of furniture fall into that classification too?

The Western Furniture Influences

The three primary influences you can see in every piece of Western furniture and décor are Spanish, British and Native American.

Obviously, the British influences are visible because of the United Kingdom’s long association with the United States, and those early colonial furniture pieces had an impact in that way. The clearly visible Spanish influences are a smorgasbord of European heritage and a hybrid Spanish-Native American design style too. An example of the Spanish influences you’ll see are the wrought iron touches and ornate flourishes you’ll find on certain Western furniture pieces.

Chestnut Mare RugThe Raw Materials

Initially the pieces of furniture used to decorate Western homes would have come from Spain, France, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom, but as that furniture wore out it had to be replaced. This is when you can see the next evolutionary step in the overall Western design style.

European furniture would have been made from oak, teak and other hard wood, as well as fine leathers and other fabrics. But when it came to replicating the same style of furniture on American soil, carpenters would have had to rely on the raw materials available to them locally, including pine, leather and cowhide. The available materials started to change this style of furniture, creating something entirely new in the process.

If you look at how a typical Western or rustic bed or chair is constructed you’ll see that they’re built with function more than form in mind, but that approach to design brings with it a charm of its own.

Western furniture is designed to last — although it might lack the design flourishes of Italian or French pieces, any home featuring Western furniture will always feel warm and welcoming, and not just like a set piece for a magazine shoot.

It’s Built To Last

For those of us living in a world dominated by flat-pack furniture, there’s a lot of comfort to be had in paying for a piece of furniture that can last generations – something that can’t be said of mass-produced tables or chairs. They simply lack the craftsmanship, and quality of materials, to create anything that will last more than a few years.

So what started as a fusion of several different design styles, with numerous foreign influences, has finally become a décor style of its own. Far from providing rudimentary furniture for men and women on the frontier, Western and rustic furniture has now become something of a status symbol.

The reason why our customers are as passionate about Western-style furniture as we are is because it’s part of our heritage, and we’re connected to it in a way that no other decorating style can ever match.

So if you’re interested in finding an exciting range of Western and rustic furniture don’t forget to check out the Santa Fe Company in Oklahoma City – your one-stop shop for rustic and Western furniture and accessories.