A Western-inspired bathroom is an exciting project for you, or your designer, to work on. After all how many homes have you seen with bathrooms that look almost identical to each other? Cold, sterile and without any character at all?

We’d guess that includes pretty much every home you’ve ever been in. Western décor allows you to stretch your creative muscle, working with truly unique ideas and Native American, Mexican and Spanish materials to create a bathroom style that speaks tons about your personality, while also adding to the overall value, and appeal, of your home.

Western decorAdding Wood to a Bathroom:

Before you do anything else focus on the fact that wood features are going to be dominant in your Western bathroom. This includes exposed and unfinished timbers, wood paneling on the walls and parts of the ceiling, and other elements of the bathroom also being finished in wood. The only place you should avoid using wood in any bathroom is on the floor, or near sources of flowing water i.e. your shower or bath tub.

Western Bathroom Color Scheme:

The colors you use to decorate any room form the foundation of your overall decor scheme, and the same is true of any bathroom colored by Western influences. Using lots of earthy tones will help you create a room that exudes a feeling of calm, but focus on brighter tones to prevent making your bathroom feeling smaller than it actually is.

A neutral primary paint palette, featuring sandy tones as your base, and then small accents of orange, amber and olive, will create the look and feel you want. Faux finishes are also an option if you’re working to a strict budget, and can’t afford the wood and marble you’ve seen featured in other Western bathrooms.

How to Approach the Bathtub:

While it’s true that the bathtub tends to be the main feature of any bathroom, in a Western-styled bathroom a free-standing bathtub is exactly what you’re looking for. This style of bath tub features in almost every Western movie you can find, so it makes sense to include it in your plans. A clawfoot tub will add that extra air of authenticity to your bathroom, and if it’s a vintage piece then that’s even better.

Enhancing Your Vanity:

Fitted sink units look amazing, but a marble sink fitted to a teak, pine or mahogany vanity will fit right in with your Western decor theme. A weathered finish on the vanity will add to the ambience of the room, and faux finishes can help you achieve this even with a brand new unit.

Like your bathtub, your vanity should be free standing, and if you can afford it a copper sink (or copper effect) will be far more realistic than a sink made of any other material. A vanity made from a weathered barrel would also be a very unique feature in any Western bathroom.

Light Fixtures:

If you’d like to go that extra mile in creating an amazing bathroom, and if you have the ceiling height to accommodate it, then you can look at adding a saloon-style chandelier. You’ll obviously need to check with your electrician that the chandelier you want to fit can deal with excess moisture in the air, and that the chandelier itself is permitted under local building codes.


The beauty of Western decor is that it allows you to play around with various motifs, including stars, horse shoes, Native American motifs, horses, cattle, and anything else which reminds you of the wide open plains of the West. You can let your imagination run wild here, but choose a motif and keep it consistent throughout your design efforts – a little bit of everything might sound unique, but it really just winds up looking like “clutter.”

Finish It with Western Accessories:

Now you’ll want to finish off your room with some neat accessories and accents. The first thing you can start with is a large Indian basket for storing towels, because not only does it serve a practical purpose, but its organic design will fit perfectly with the theme of your room. You’ll need a rug near your bathtub to catch any water splashes, so why not think of a native print floor rug instead of the stuff you normally grab at Walmart?

A saloon sign on the outside of the bathroom door would also be a nice touch – even reproduction pieces can fit in very well. And last, but not least, is a spittoon to complete the look and feel of your new bathroom.

If you’d like some advice on the best way to approach decorating in a Western style, the team at Santa Fe Company would love to hear from you.