If you have a love of everything equine, you will be glad to hear that Oklahoma City plays host to a large number of horse shows throughout the year.

Horse shows are ideal for the entire family with children of all ages being able to enjoy the spectacle just as much as their parents. Plus, every horse show is different, so you will always enjoy something new.

You can expect to see anything from the nobility and finesse of dressage to the complete mayhem of barrel racing – it depends on what appeals to you most. The last perk of going to an OKC horse show is that they all take place in State Fair Park, which is located just outside downtown Oklahoma.

Here is a quick overview of the horse shows you can attend in Oklahoma:


Grand National Morgan Horse Show – October 10th – 17th

If you’d like to attend a horse show that is bit different, this show is well worth your while. Even if you think you have fallen in love with every horse you have ever met, be prepared for a whole new experience when you see the Morgans do their thing. They have a presence and stamina that captivates any audience watching them. This event is in mid-October because Morgans and their owners from all over the United States attend this show. With three shows each day, you have plenty of opportunities to see the show.


U.S. Team Roping Championships – October 24th – November 1st

Roping is a skill which goes back hundreds of years when it was used on a daily basis by ranchers and gauchos across the United States. Although the competitors are deadly serious in competing for prizes, the audience gets to enjoy the thrill of watching these incredible riders race around the arena. Because this is a championship event with prizes worth over US$6 million, you can expect the headers and heelers to go all out to win some of the biggest cash prizes on the American horse show circuit.


American Quarter Horse World Championship Show – November 6th – 21st

In November, State Fair Park will become home to an international horse event for several weeks, featuring a breed of horse famous for its speed over a quarter mile. The events you can look forward to include exciting jumping, the controlled Hunter Hack, equitation over fences and ranch riding. The entire event takes place in the Jim Norick Arena of State Fair Park, and tickets can be purchased online. This is one of the biggest events of its type in the world, so you should take some time out to see what it offers.

Oklahoma horse show


National Reining Horse Futurity – November 26th-December 5th

Reining might sound like a very American thing to do when you are riding a horse, but the reining competitors from 20 different countries who attend this event might disagree with you. The National Reining Horse Futurity is so popular that it draws over 120,000 people to State Fair Park each year. Reining is one of the more precise and energetic shows you will ever have the pleasure of viewing. It’s the equine equivalent of ice skating. If you attend, it will be a thrilling day out for your entire family.


World Barrel Racing Futurity – December 8th- December 13th

Finally, we have the World Barrel Racing Futurity, an event which many people look forward to attending every single year. The speed and skill involved in both the rider and their horse navigating the course will leave you holding your breath. With large cash prizes at stake, you can be sure every rider will be giving it everything they have in order to win. This is a world championship event, so you can expect the standard of racing to be excellent.


Any of the above horse shows are affordable entertainment for the entire family. If you have never been to a real horse show before, this is your best opportunity!

Oh, and there are no “bad seats” at a horse show – you’ll get a chance to see all the action no matter where you’re sitting.