You know that the team at Santa Fe Furniture Company loves everything rustic and western, but for us it’s not just a case of selling rustic furniture in OKC – we actually love the Western lifestyle too. And what better way to embrace the heart and soul of western culture than to attend one of the many horse shows which take place in Oklahoma City almost every single month of the year.

Now that the summer is right around the corner, we decided to put together a quick guide to the Oklahoma horse shows happening over the next few weeks, and we really do recommend that you attend at least one of these if you can.

The Great Plains Regional Rodeo

A very popular event for Oklahomans, this horse show takes placed between May 23rd and 24th, from 9am – 5pm on each of those days. We don’t think you need us to explain what a rodeo is, but you can expect to see all the usual fun and activities you’d find at any world-class rodeo.

You’ll get to see both male and female riders show off their riding skills, mounted on horses of all breeds. Due to the popularity of this event you will need to purchase tickets at the door if you’d like to attend, but the entry price is worth every moment of the thrills and spills you get to witness.

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OQHA Redbud Spectacular Horse Show

Although we’re trying to focus on just sharing horse shows taking place during May with you, the OQHA Redbud Spectacular deserves a mention here because it lasts nine full days, spanning across the end of the month of May and straight into the start of June.

This entire event is free to the public and is a great way to see riders of different skill levels show you their skills when it comes to barrel racing, roping, Western riding and lots more. Contestants and visitors can win a share of over $130,000 in cash, prizes and giveaways. Don’t you love the idea of nine days of equestrian fun that won’t cost you a single cent in entry fees?

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Oklahoma horse showNon-Pro Cutting Horse Event

It takes a skilled rider to do what cutters do, and the Non-Pro Cutting event is ideal if you want to attend a free horse show that’s just that little bit different. The event takes place in the Jim Norick Arena, Performance Arena and Super Barn areas of State Fair Park, and is a great way to see extremely talented riders showcasing the skills which have probably been in their family for generations.

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National Reining Horse Derby

If you’re in OKC between June 23rd and 27th then you won’t want to miss the National Reining Horse Derby. Competitor prizes of more than $500,000 means the stakes are high, so you can expect to see some of the best reining horses in the world, plus their riders putting on a show to remember. Not only is this event fantastic fun for horse lovers from all walks of life, but it’s also a great event for your entire family to attend. Don’t forget there are more than 50 different Western vendors attending the show, so you’ll also have the opportunity to shop for some new items of Americana while you’re there.

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Horse shows are a very OKC way to have fun, and draw huge crows throughout the years. A really nice touch is that the organizers do their very best to keep them affordable, plus the added bonus is that you won’t have to travel very far to get to the shows themselves – they’re all held in State Fair Park, which is just a few miles outside downtown Oklahoma.