Enjoy the relaxing aroma of pinon with these terra cotta southwestern-style burners; each includes a package of pinon incense bricks.  Choose from the following design representations:

Iglesia — Mission Churches built by the Spanish Conquistadors throughout South America, Mexico and the Southern United States; includes 40 bricks.

Chimenea — a free standing fireplace that dates back 400 years when it was used for cooking and warmth; includes 40 bricks.

Corner Fireplace — fireplace style commonly found in many adobe homes; includes 40 bricks.

TeePee — portable structure made of animal skins typically associated with Native Americans; includes 20 bricks.

Horno — mud and straw oven used by the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest; includes 20 bricks.

Casa — adobe homes traditionally built in the Southwest; includes 20 bricks.

Kiva — round ceremonial space built by Puebloan peoples from the 8th to 12th centuries; includes 20 bricks.