A miniature version of the original clay fireplaces, these small indoor chimeneas are ideal for hearth, tabletop, or countertop!  Each is made by hand, so no two are ever exactly the same. Try one of these decorative uses or create your own:

  • line with sand for a unique incense burner
  • line with dried beans to burn votive candles or tealights
  • burn citronella candles on patio table
  • insert small battery-operated candles
  • fill with mini battery-operated lights
  • use as part of a succulent or floral arrangement
  • decorate seasonally

Terra Cotta Clay — Distinctive terra cotta color on legs, with floral carvings; approx. 12″-13″ tall

Colored Clay — Variety of colorations, with flat bottoms and scalloped mouths; approx. 12″ – 13″ tall

Mini Colored Clay — Variety of designs and colors, with flat bottoms in three sizes; approx. 8″ (sm), 10″ (md), and 12″ (lg) heights

**Any specific color or design requests may be mentioned in comments at checkout…