Is there a reason why your love of Western style should be limited to your home’s interior? Not at all. In fact, you can have more creative fun by using some Western decor ideas on the exterior of your home.

Oftentimes, you can do so without breaking the bank! Although there is no specific blueprint, we have put together a list of unique, fun decor ideas for you to try out. We are pretty certain that you will find a few ideas that you can run with and even incorporate your personal touch.

Go with Color Scheme First:

Remember that creating a Western-inspired exterior must follow the same basic rules as when you work with your interior. The foundation of all great decor is a matching color scheme, so make sure whatever choice of colors is a mixture of the earthy, tan tones of the desert mixed with the bright colors of Native American art. You will typically find that using an earthy tone as the basis for your exterior Western decorating ideas is the best fit.

Spruce it Up with Rustic Exterior:

If you want to create a look that is as authentic as possible, the actual exterior of your home should look a bit rustic, too. Although difficult to make your home mimic a log cabin, you can still create a more realistic Western look by using shuttered windows or a screen door. In addition, you could try a faux paint finish – something to make it look and feel more authentic. Stone or wood cladding is the ultimate move in this direction, but cladding can come with a case of sticker shock.

wagon-465039_640Thought of Wagon Wheels?

You will only need one or two of these to create the desired effect. The neat thing is that if you are unable to find the real thing, there are plenty of stores selling reproduction “vintage” wagon wheels. Even if you find a worn wagon wheel, you can achieve plenty with some sandpaper and a coat of varnish or lacquer. Finally, nail a horseshoe to it to finish the piece off.

Utilize Hanging Baskets:

Lots of homes have these, but you can add to your Western theme without spending too much cash. Instead of planting beautiful garden flowers in your hanging baskets, grow some of the plants you would see in the Wild West. Patio cactus anyone? Flowers like the Hummingbird Sage, Monkey Flower, Booth Sun Cup, Chia Yellow Pincushion, Desert Dandelion and Dudleya are also good choices.

A Pair of Seasoned Boots:

A pair of worn cowboy boots on your porch or beside your Western-themed doormat sets the scene nicely for anyone arriving at your home. These boots can be bought at little cost in a thrift store, and the more worn they are the better it will suit your decor theme. Every pair of worn cowboy boots has its own story.

old-333339_640Western-Looking Barrels – Even if Damaged:

These barrels can be left upright in a number of positions outside your home to add to the Western feel you are creating. You could also do something more creative with them like cutting them to size and using the barrels as the base for a garden table.

The ‘ol Rocking Chair

No explanation needed here – a rocking chair is as Western as household items come. The longer it has been around, the better. If not, you can set aside some time to antique it or create a weathered whitewash effect on it. Either way, a rocking chair should be the centerpiece of any Western decorating project.

Being Unique with Talavera Design:

Take the idea of the traditional steer skull, but decorate it in the Talavera style. If you are unfamiliar with Talavera, it is Mexican in origin and uses lots of bright colors, flower motifs and ornate patterns. You can use the Talavera decorating style on everything from boots to wall art, but don’t overdo it.

Try a Water Feature:

A spinning water mill or garden well would be a great centerpiece for any garden focusing on a Western theme. Obviously, the water mill will look a little out of place unless you have a water source feeding it directly, but the garden well can be very convincing if constructed and placed properly.

deadman-ranch-283359_640A Rustic Sign Says it All:

A regular door sign is going to look completely out of place in a truly authentic Western decor scheme, so you will have to do something unique. Why not create a sign for your home made from upcycled materials? Or, you could use a chalkboard with your address on it. If so, remember to seal it to protect it from the weather.


Why not create something truly unique from a mixture of Western-themed items? You could create a set of antlers from wire or a wire frame tumbleweed. You could also create a collage from some worn belt buckles and stirrups. You are only limited by your imagination.


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