If there’s a part of you that constantly yearns to be outdoors then you’ll probably find that a Western home décor and furniture scheme will suit you perfectly. A rustic design scheme will also appeal to anyone who wants to feel more connected to their American heritage, or just wants to find their roots again. An additional bonus is that any property enhanced by a Western furniture and decor scheme will instantly feel far more homely – it will have that sense of warmth you’ve been missing.

Your home is an expression of who you are, so it’s important that you plan your Western decor project well in advance, to avoid making any costly or unsightly mistakes.

Western Color Scheme:

Imagine your home is a blank canvas sitting in front of a trained artist. Before they do anything else they visualize what the final painting will look like, and once they have that mental image they then choose the base colors for their new creation.

The same process applies to choosing the color scheme for your Western-inspired room in that you need to choose the base tones and colors you want to work with first, and then choose your accents and flourishes.

The good news here is that because a Western decorating style is very “earthy,” you’ll find that using these rustic colors will provide the look you want:

  • tan
  • green
  • maroon
  • ochre
  • yellow
  • orang
  • brown
  • hues of red and amber

Mojave Sunset

Just remember that less is always more, especially when you’re working with darker colors – don’t forget to use brighter colors as an accent to large blocks of dark color.

Woodwork in Western Design:

What you’re looking to achieve here is a rustic look and feel to your home, but without it becoming uncomfortable as a result. Bare timber floors and exposed roof beams are one of the quickest ways to give any room a Western makeover, so if you have exposed wooden beams, don’t go painting over them unless you have no other choice.

The raw beauty of these features should be as exposed as they would be in a traditional Western home. If the wood is full of knots and imperfections, keep it–that just adds to the overall look and feel authenticity.

Western Textures:

When you’re decorating in a Western style, you’re never looking to achieve smooth, sleek finishes, but something far more enjoyable instead. Western decor is very organic in nature, thanks to its roots, and those same roots are visible and touchable in any authentic rustic decor scheme.

Rough wall coverings and bare wooden floors mean that you’ll enjoy your newly decorated home with your hands and feet as much as you will with your eyes. Walls can be painted with rough brush strokes, leaving imperfections where they happen, and wall coverings can be made from rough cotton and wool instead of silk or satin.

Floor coverings are made up of large throws or rugs, these additions being more about function than form.

The textures of a Western design scheme are very important if you want to create a room that not only looks incredible, but feels incredible too.

The Great Western Furniture:

Finally once you’ve completed the groundwork with a warm, inviting color scheme, and organic finishes on your floors and walls, then your last task is to simply complete the room with a few pieces of tastefully selected Western furniture.

At this point, you need to take into consideration the colors you used to decorate the room, ensuring that your furniture both complements them and acts as an accent to the overall design scheme. Accessorizing with suitably colored cushions or pillows can help take all the focus off the darker colors you’ve used.

A room designed around a Western decor theme is far more than the sum of its parts, although those individual elements do help create the overall effect you are looking for.

Come to Santa Fe Company in Oklahoma City, where we can bring your Western room to life—you’ll feel like you’re out west even though you’re indoors.